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Yulia Northridge (Violin) and Ekaterina Shetliffe (Piano)

Yulia Northridge, gained postgraduate studies Degree from the Petrozavodsk Music Academy of Russia, and was awarded the prize of ‘"The Young Talent of Russia" in 1992. Whilst in Russia, she performed extensively as a 1st violinist in a professional string quartet. Since 2008, Yulia has been based in the UK, where she is regularly seen performing at various concerts all over the East Midlands & South of England, appearing as a soloist with the Loughborough and the Derby Concert Orchestras.

As a graduate of Dargomizsky College of Music, of Tula, Ekaterina Shetliffe, has enjoyed the career of a concert pianist, giving regular solo performances and accompanying leading vocalists and instrumentalists in the South West, appearing in various respected venues, including Dartington Space, The Dartmouth Flavel and the Dawlish Arts Festival.

Ekaterina works as an accompanist at the Steiner Academy, Totnes, and is also a dedicated piano teacher, working within educational establishments, such as Exeter University and Exeter Piano Room, where she gives regular piano demonstrations.